Your Talisman or Mine?

I’d like to say I am not a superstitious person.  I’d like to say that I am logical and clear-headed and capable of reason beyond all else. But, then, anyone who knows me would call me out, screaming in that way of children, Not it! I’m more...

September Looms…..

This last year has been an incredible, strange, busy, wonderful one for me–I took a permanent position as Creative Writing Professor at the University of the Fraser Valley last September, and three days later had a baby girl and went on a year-long maternity...
More Funding Cuts to the Arts???

More Funding Cuts to the Arts???

  With all the new funding cuts to the arts, you might wonder what the arts will look like.  How better to express it than with something visual?  Thanks to artist Perry Haddock for forwarding this beautiful, if tragic, view of the arts.